Correcting the Colors on Your Screen

You want your photos to look as good as possible and to have beautiful, breathtaking color, right? That's probably one of the reasons you bought Elements. But now that you've got the program, you're having a little trouble getting things to look the way you want. Do either of these situations sound familiar?

• Your photos look great onscreen but your prints are washed out, too dark, or the colors are all a little wrong.

• Your photos look just fine in other programs like Word or Windows Explorer, but they look just awful in Elements.

To paraphrase that old romantic chestnut: It's not you, it's Elements. As a color-managed program, Elements uses your monitor for guidance when displaying the colors in your photos. Most programs pay no attention to what your monitor thinks, but a color-managed application like Elements relies on the profilethe information your computer stores about your monitor's settingswhen it decides how to print or display a photo onscreen. If that profile isn't accurate, then neither is the color in Elements.

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