Connect the scanners cable to your PC

Most scanners plug into a computer's USB or FireWire port. Both ports let the scanner send large amounts of data to your PC as quickly as possible.

Note: A USB 2.0 scanner still works when plugged into an older USB 1.1 port, but the connection's pretty darn slow. Most computers sold after 2003 come with USB 2.0 ports. To see if your computer already supports USB 2.0 right-click My Computer and then follow this path: Properties ^^ Hardware tab ~^ Device Manager ^^ Universal Serial Bus Controllers. If you spot the words USB Enhanced Host Controller somewhere on the Device Manager's right-side pane, your computer supports USB 2.0.

When you're finished with the installation, your PC recognizes your scanner, automatically locates the software you installed in step 1, and adds its icon to your My Computer list of attached scanners and cameras (Start —* My Computer).





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