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If you want to review which photos you've chosen, click the "View Photos in Order" button to see them. It's the button just to the right of the Edit Contact button (the pencil icon) at the top of the Order Prints Pane. Hover your mouse over each button to see the tooltips text if you aren't sure which is which. When the "View Photos in Order" window opens, you can add or delete photos from your order there before confirming the order. You can also add more photos by dragging them to the target in the Order Prints pane, but the "View Photos in Order" window is the easiest way to remove photos before you start the ordering process.

The number of photos ordered for each person appears in parentheses to the left of the person's name in the target list. When you're ready to order, just click the Confirm Order button and Elements whisks you off to the EasyShare site (although you're still actually in an Elements window, bearing the headline Welcome to Adobe Photoshop Services).

Learn Photoshop Now

Learn Photoshop Now

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