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You can adjust your entire image or adjust each color channel individually. The most accurate way is to first choose each color channel separately from the Channel drop-down menu in the Histogram dialog box. Adjust the end points for each channel by itself, and then go back to RGB and tweak just the gamma slider.

Tip: If you know the numerical value of the pixels you want to designate for any of these settingsyou geek!you can type that information into the boxes. You can set the gamma value from .10 to 9.99. It's set at 1.00 automatically.

The last control you may want to use in the Levels dialog box is the Output Levels slider. Output Levels work roughly the same way as your brightness and contrast controls on your TV. Moving these sliders makes the darkest pixels darker and the lightest pixels lighter. Among pros, this is known as adjusting the tonal range of a photo.

Adjusting Levels will improve almost every photo you take, but if your photo has a bad color cast if it's too orange or too blueyou may need something else. The next section shows you how to get rid of unwanted color.


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