Choosing Filter Menu Commands

If you find it easiest to find a filter by looking at a list of names, the Filter menu is the method you'll probably want to use. The filters are grouped into 14 main categories, with many individual filters in each group. When you choose a filter from the list, one of three things happens:

• Elements applies the filter automatically . This happens if the filter's name in the list doesn't have an ellipsis (...) after it. Just look at the result in your photo and undo it (Ctrl+Z) if you don't like its effect. If you do like it, you don't have to do anything else.

• You see a dialog box . The Elements filters that have adjustable settings have an ellipsis (...) after their names. Some of them (mostly correctional filters) open a dialog box where you can tweak the settings. Set everything as you want it, watching the small preview in the dialog box to see what you're doing. Then click OK.

• You see the Filter Gallery . Some of the more artistic, adjustable filters call up the Filter Gallery so that you can get a nice large preview of what you're doing and also so you can rearrange the order of multiple filters before applying them. Applying filters from the Gallery is explained later.

Regardless of how you've applied the filter, once you're done, you can always undo it (Ctrl+Z) if you're not happy with the effect. If you like it, there's no need to do anything else, except of course to eventually save your image.

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