Choose your print size and other options

The shopping cart window gives you a world of choice, including:

Size and Quantity . To the right of each photo, there are columns that show the price per print and number of prints you're ordering. If you want to order 120 of the 5 x 7 inch prints, for example, then just put 120 in the Quantity box and click Recalculate (in the upper-right corner). Your cart displays your new Subtotal.

Paper Finish . EasyShare gives you a choice of glossy or matte finish. Make your choice at the top of the screen, and all the photos in your cart will use the selected finish.

Frames and Cards . Like any good virtual salesperson, the shopping cart page takes the opportunity to upgrade the sale. That's the idea behind those tempting links to order framed photos or to create photo greeting cards. (Read more details on frames and cards and other items in the next chapter.)

When you've made all your choices, be sure to click the Recalculate button to see the subtotal.

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