Choose the type of picture youre scanning

The choices listed in the " Picture type" drop-down menu let your scanner know how many colors to grab. (There's no sense making a color scan of Doonesbury if the cartoon ran in the weekly, black and white funnies.) Limiting the colors is an easy way to keep the file size manageable. Choose your image from one of these options:

o Color picture . The natural choice for color scans. Selecting this option takes a color snapshot of anything you place on the scanner's bed.

o Grayscale picture . When scanning a black and white photograph or a newspaper clipping, choose this option. Doing so means your scan preserves up to 256 shades of gray , which is what most people consider to be black and white.

o Black and white picture or text . Don't choose this option for black and white photos, since the wizard narrows down the colors to either black or white, thereby turning Dalmatians into groups of small black spots. Choose this option only when scanning line drawings, text, diagrams, flowcharts, and other monotone items.

When you're finished making all your selections in the Properties box, click OK.

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