Choose the photos you want to include

Click the Browse button in the window to see a list of the folders and files on your hard drive. Navigate to the one you want and click Choose. If you can't select all the photos at once because they aren't all in the same folder, you can click Browse as many times as you want, and the new files get added to the list in the window.

Figure 13-15. It helps to prepare your photos for merging by adjusting them side by side so that you can compare the colors. Here, a combination of Levels and a little tweaking with the Tint slider (in the Quick Fix, see Section 11.6 ) gets the photos close enough to get started. You can also get good results sometimes by using the Hue/Saturation controls (Section 12.7.1 ) to adjust the individual color channels.

If you have open photos, they're automatically loaded in the Browse window. So if you want to merge photos from several different folders, opening all of them is one way to get them into the mix faster than by navigating to each folder separately.

Note: Photomerge copies each file as it adds it to the panorama and doesn't change your originals. You don't need to worry about making copies especially for your panoramas.

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