Choose Nothing Im finished working with these pictures to exit the wizard

Although Windows XP offers three choices here, opt for the third choiceNothingbecause the other two are so abysmal:

Publish photos to a Web site . This offer certainly sounds gracious, but the wizard isn't offering to publish your photos to your blog, your own Web site, or even your choice of photo-sharing sites. This option simply sends your photos to Microsoft's own MSN Groupsif you have an existing account or want to set one up. Competing sites (which you can learn about in Chapter 14 ) allow more free photo storage space, easier photo transfers, and simpler menus.

Order Prints . This option emails your photos to an online photo developer, which mails back your prints less than a week later. It's convenient, but certainly not the fastest, best, or cheapest way to print photos. (Chapter 16 shows you some better options.)

Nothing . The Wizard vanishes, but not before opening your newly created folder where you can ogle your new photos.




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