A single disc is 700 megabytes and holds about 140 photos. CD-R discs are a better choice than CD-RW discs because they're cheaper and you can't accidentally erase your photos once they're saved on the disc. "RW" stands for "rewriteable," which is a geeky way of saying you can always change the contents of a CD-RW disc. In contrast, saving photos to a CD-R ("recordable") disc is a one time only deal (that's why some people call them "write-once"). Once the photos are on the disc you can't delete them, which is just what you want with a backup.

Pro: CDs are inexpensive and you can buy them at office supply or computer stores. You can copy your photos to CDs in Windows, so you won't need any special software.

Con: CDs don't hold a lot of photos, which means you have to burn more discs and need more room to store them.

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