Auto Color

Once again, there's another one-click fix availableAuto Color. Actually, in some ways Auto Color should be up in the Lighting section. Like Levels, it simultaneously adjusts color and brightness, but it looks at different information in your photos to decide what to do with them.

When you're first learning to use Quick Fix, you may want to try all threeLevels, Contrast, and Auto Colorto see which generally works best for your photos. Undo between each change and compare your results. Most people find that they like one of the three most of the time, but you don't usually need to apply all three to the same photo.

Auto Color may be just the ticket for your photos, but you may also find that it shifts your colors in strange ways. Give it a click and see what you think. Does your photo look better or worse? If it's worse, just click Reset or press Ctrl+Z to undo it, and go back to Auto Levels or Auto Contrast. If they all make your colors look a little off, or if you want to tweak the colors in your photo, then move on to the Color sliders, which are explained in the next section.

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