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Channel; Colors uo

Mean: 97.37 Level; 250

StdDev; 57.61 Count; 122

Msdian; 99 Percentile; 99,84

Pixels; 13605? Cache Level; 3

Once you've set the dark and light end points, you can adjust the gamma the tones in between that would appear gray in a black-and-white photo. If that sounds complicated, it's notnot when you're actually doing it. Once you've made a Levels adjustment, the next time you open the Levels dialog box, you'll see that your Histogram now runs the entire length of the scale, because you've told Elements to redistribute your colors so that they cover the full dark-to-light range.

The next two sections show youfinally!how to actually adjust your image's Levels.

Tip: Once you learn how to interpret the Histograms in Elements, you can use your knowledge out in the field. If your camera has its own histogram display it's the best exposure meter going. To avoid blowouts, all you have to do is make sure there's a wee bit of space at the right (highlight) end of the histogram. If the histogram has pixels stacked up on the right side, you've blown out a bunch of highlights.

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