Assigning Tags to Photos

When an image first gets imported into the Organizer, the Image Well shows only the photos in the batch of photos you've just imported. With the Photo Browser in Folder Location view (Figure 8-2), you'll see an icon in the upper-right corner of the Image Well called Instant Tag. Clicking it assigns the photo's folder name as a tag to all the photos in the group.

To assign a tag to a photo at any time, just drag the tag's icon from the Organize bin onto the photo's thumbnail. To add the same tag to a group of photos, first select the pictures and then drag the tag icon onto any one of the selected photos. It's as easy as that.

You can also delete tags, rearrange their order by dragging them, and even change the size of your tag icons by right-clicking a photo or tag and choosing what you want to do from the pop-up menu. You can also drag tags from one category to another in the Organize bin.

If you decide you want to remove a tag from a photo after you've assigned it:

• From a single photo. Right-click the photo's thumbnail, select Remove Tag, and then choose the tag you want to get rid of.

• From a group of photos. Select the photos, right-click one of them, select Remove Tag from Selected Items, and then choose the tag you want to remove.


Starting with Elements 4, Adobe included a new way to sort through your photos so that you can easily tag them: Face Tagging. Go to Find —* Find Faces for Tagging. Elements then searches through your catalog for photos with people in them, and opens a new window showing the results.

Face Tagging doesn't work quite the way you may've hoped: You can't somehow tell Elements to find all the photos with Aunt Hildegarde in them. Elements just looks for what it thinks are human faces, and then shows you every photo that includes what it takes to be a person.

If you think about it, this is a pretty tough thing for a program to do, so the results may include a number of things, like leaves or parts of buildings that look like faces to Elements, but not to you.

So what's the point if Elements can't tell one person from another? Face Tagging is designed on the theory that you're most likely to want to tag pictures of your family and friends. By using Face Tagging, you can easily visually locate all the untagged photos of your grandfather, for instance, and quickly tag them all at once. The Face Tagging dialog box gives you access to all your tags, and it also includes a handy Recent Tags section that rounds up the last few tags you used so that you can quickly find them without having to navigate through the category structure to get to those tags.

If you're determined to have a computer help scan your photo collection and automatically apply keywords to faces, check out Riya (, a still-in-testing site that claims to do just that.


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