About the Outline

This book is divided into four parts, each containing several chapters:

• Part 1, Digital Camera Basics, equips you with the knowledge you need to choose the right digital cameraor navigate your way around the one you've already gotand how to take great photos. You'll learn what makes digital photography different from film photography and you'll also learn how to cut through the camera sales hype when you're shopping for a camera. And since there's a difference between operating a camera and taking good pictures, you'll also find important but easy-to-follow tips for taking great photos in every situationfrom school performances to underwater photography. By the end, you'll know some of the time-tested techniques the pros use to take great shots.

• Part 2, Organizing Your Photos, gives you real world tips for storing your digital photos on your computer and on the Internet. Just as important, you'll learn how to find the photos you're looking for later on. This section introduces three programs that help you store, organize, and search for your photos. Two of the programs are free: Kodak EasyShare and Google's Picasa. And one, Photoshop Elements, descends from the all time champ when it comes to digital photo software (that would be Photoshop). You'll also be introduced to online photo services like Kodak Gallery, Shutterfly, and Snapfish. These companies let you store your photos on their Web sites in the hopes that you'll order prints. Another online service you'll learn about, Flickr, is more like one big photo club where you can store, organize, and share your photos.

• Part 3, Editing Your Photos, shows you how to fix up pictures using your computerno more locking yourself in a darkroom or sending jobs out to the photo lab. You'll learn how to use the free programs EasyShare and Picasa for basic fixes like cropping your photos and removing those annoying red eye blemishes. You'll also learn how to add special effectseverything from transforming your photos into cartoon-like images to creating panoramas from multiple pictures.

• Part 4, Sharing Your Photos, details the many new ways you can share digital photos with friends, family, and other photo enthusiasts. You'll find out how to create and share online albums and you'll also meet two special Web sites, Photo.Net and TrekEarth, where you can share your photos with other photographers from all over the world. This section also gives you the lowdown on how to print photos at home and how to order prints through online services. And, as the man on the TV commercial says, "Wait, that's not all." Part 4 shows you how to create photo books, calendars, coffee mugs, and dozens of other cool things with your photos.

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