Tour of the Photo Browser

The Photo Browser may look a little intimidating the first time you see it, but it's actually laid out quite logically. Figure 8-2 shows the Photo Browser's main components. In the main part of the window, you see thumbnails of all the photos you've imported (Adobe calls this area the Image Well ).

You have a lot of control over what you see in the Image Well via the View menu. For example, if you have a lot of photos in front of you, then you can put them in chronological order by choosing View —* Arrangement "—* Date (newest first or oldest first). To see a larger, slideshow-like view of your photos and choose the ones you want to print or edit, choose View —+ View Photos in Full Screen or View ■—* Compare Photos Side by Side.

Figure 8-2. You can customize the Photo Browser window by dragging the dividers to make any area larger or smaller. Notice how the cursor changes shape (circled) when you're in the correct spot to drag a divider. Like the Downloader window, there's an image-size slider to control how many thumbnails you see. You can also enlarge a thumbnail to maximum size by double-clicking it.

Useful Photo Browser highlights include:

• Shortcuts bar . At the top of your screen, just below the Organizer's menus, this bar is your main navigational tool in the Organizer. By clicking the relevant icons, you can choose to import photos, print them, share them, create projects, edit your photos, or switch over to Date View (Section 8.2.3 ).

• Timeline . Just below the shortcuts, each little bump on the Timeline represents a group of photos (based on the sorting method you choose from the View —fr Arrangement submenu). The higher a bar is, the more photos there are in that batch. Click a bar to see thumbnails of all the photos from that date in the Image Well.

• Organize bin . In the right-side panel, tag (or label) your photos with keywords for easy searching. Tagging is probably the first thing you'll want to do to your photos in the Organizer. Find directions on how to tag in Section 8.2.3 .

Tip: At the bottom of the Organize bin is a shortcut staging area to make it easy to order prints. Read about how to use it in Section 16.11 .

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