The camera has one eye

Unlike humans, the cameras we use do not have binocular vision. Their pictures are not three-dimensional. They do not photograph from two points of view. So when we want to show depth in a scene we are photographing we have to imply it through devices such as the use of converging lines (see Figure 1.4), changes in scale or changes in tones aided by lighting. To help you see more like the camera does, close one eye to forecast the camera's two-dimensional way of imaging.

Figure 1.3 The high contrast contained in this backlit scene is too great for the camera to record clear detail in both the highlight and shadow areas. Instead, the result is a silhouette.
Figure 1.4 Because the camera only provides a 'single-eye' view of the world, photographers have to rely on devices like converging lines to portray distance and depth in their pictures.

Converging lines showing depth

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