Solving shooting problems

Sun behind the subject can cause some tricky problems, including the chance of:

• Flare spots in the picture as the sunlight reflects off the glass elements in the lens and

• The dreaded Silhouette effect where subject appears dark and without detail because the camera's metering system has been fooled by the extra light coming from behind the subject.

Solutions for flare spots:

• Add a lens hood to your camera lens and ensure that it is shading the front element.

• Move slightly around the subject so that the sun isn't shining directly into the lens.

• Have someone use an umbrella or piece of card to shade the front element of the lens.

Solutions for silhouette effect:

• Zoom in so that the main subject fills the viewfinder and hold your shutter button down halfway. This will fix the focus and exposure based on the subject. With the button still down halfway zoom back out and then press the button fully to take the photo.

• Use the camera's exposure compensation feature to add 1-2 stops (or EV) extra light to the settings that the camera recommends for the scene. Take a test photo and check your results on the camera's LCD monitor. Adjust the exposure compensation setting if necessary to add more or less light. Photograph the subject and then return the feature to the normal or zero setting.

and so if the sun is incorrectly positioned for one event time, schedule the alternative as your shooting period.

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