Shooting in the wild

Unlike the wildlife photographer who makes their living by catching magnificent beasts in their natural habitat the closest that most of us will get to snapping photos of these kinds of animals is through the bars of the local zoo or wildlife park. But don't be dismayed - these locations can provide you with access and proximity that a pro would need to travel for days and maybe patiently wait for weeks to achieve (see Figure 19.6). So seek out the options that are available locally. Check out the range of animals that each attraction has and find out how the exhibits are housed in a single location.

Figure 19.5 One scared kitten sees a dizzy world through its front door.

The parks whose exhibits mimic the wild habit of the beasts on show make for the best photographs. Old style zoos are not as conducive for capturing natural-looking photographs but if this is your only option don't let it deter you. Go ahead and capture the best images you can using the shooting techniques detailed here to help minimize the intrusion of these unnatural elements.

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