Selective toning

As well as controlling which group of tones is tinted it is also possible to restrict the effect to just a selected area of the photograph. Using the selection tools in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements you can outline a portion of the photo and then apply the toning to just this area. If the color change is added to the picture using a Hue/ Saturation Adjustment layer then a special mask (the size and shape of your selection) is added to this layer to restrict the effect of the layer.

In Photoshop:

The main selection tools are the same in Photoshop as they are in Photoshop Elements. The Hue/Saturation feature is also contained in both packages.

Figure 42.4 To restrict the toning action to a specific area of the photo start by selecting a picture portion with one of the selection tools (Lasso, Marquee, Magic Wand, etc.) and then use the Hue/Saturation control to apply the tinting. Before selective tinting (top) and after (bottom).

Step 1: Select area to be toned

Start by using one of the selection tools (Lasso, Magic Wand, Marquee, Selection Brush - Elements only) to isolate the picture part to be toned.

Step 2: Feather the selection

Next, feather the selection (Select > Feather) with a 1 pixel setting to soften the edge of the selection and make the border between toned and untoned areas less sharp.

Step 3: Apply the tinting

With the selection still active, choose the Hue/Saturation command from the Enhance > Adjust Color menu. Select the Colorize setting and adjust the Hue and Saturation sliders.

Figure 42.5 With digital hand coloring you can add back vibrant hues to black and white images. Original black and white photo (left) and after hand coloring of flower and stem (right).
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