Location product photography

One of the joys of travel is seeing new peoples, cultures, architecture, food and hand crafts, all in their native environment. Such travel provides the photographer with wonderful opportunities to record these items against the background ambience and color that only comes from an authentic context. It is not so hard to take snapshots of the goods on display in the local market but it is a little more difficult to photograph the same scene giving due consideration to the lighting guidelines we have been looking at here. The weather, the time of day and position of the market stalls in relation to shade-giving buildings will all play a role in the quality of light falling on your subjects. When photographing in public spaces like this, you will have little chance of being able to move the subject to adjust the direction of the light so that it is more sympathetic to its surface qualities. So instead you will need to be on the look out for situations where subject positioning, light direction and quality of light all happen to coincide. The task is more one of recognizing good lighting rather than creating it (see Figure 25.2).

Figure 25.2 Nestled in an old wooden crate, these bunches of lavender evoke much of the atmosphere and indeed fragrance of Provence in summer, and as such, are a good reminder of a recent trip to the area.
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