Light source white balance settings

The Daylight (Fine), Incandescent, Fluorescent, Cloudy and Flash (Speedlight) options are designed for each of these light types. With this group of settings the camera manufacturers have examined the color from a variety of each of these sources, averaged the results and produced a white balance setting to suit each light source. If you know the type of lighting that your subject is being lit by, then selecting a specific source setting is a good move.

Again, for the majority of circumstances these options provide great results, but for those times when the source you are using differs from the 'norm' you will also find a fine-tuning adjustment. With the light source set, the command dial is turned to adjust the color settings to suit a specific source. For example, with Nikon cameras set to the Daylight, Incandescent, Cloudy or Flash option, selecting positive values will increase the amount of blue in the image. Alternatively, negative numbers will increase the red/yellow content. In contrast if you have selected Fluorescent as your light source then the fine-tuning feature will generally allow you to adjust the white balance settings between green and magenta.

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