Fillin flash

An excellent way of using flash on the camera is as auxiliary or 'fill-in' illumination for the existing lighting. When you shoot towards the light, as in Figures 26.8 and 26.9, a low-powered flash on the camera (built-in or clip-on) illuminates what would otherwise be dark shadows. Provided the flash is not overwhelming, the results look entirely natural - you have simply reduced excessive lighting contrast. An auto-focus compact or SLR camera that offers 'fill-flash' mode will make the necessary settings for this style of shooting for you.

Fill-in flash from the camera is also useful for room interiors, which may include a window and where the existing light alone leaves heavy black shadows. If possible, use a powerful flashgun in these circumstances and bounce the light off a suitable wall or surface not included in the picture. This will produce the most even fill-in effect for the scene.

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