Emailing photos step by step

The Attach to E-mail dialog is the center of the e-mailing process. Here you can attach photographs as individual files (the way you do through your e-mail program), as a PDF slide show (that Elements makes on the fly for you) or you can add the photos to an HTML e-mail complete with choice of a range of fancy backgrounds and borders. The images that will be attached to the e-mail can be selected in the Organizer workspace before opening the feature or can be added or removed via the thumbnail listing on the left of the dialog (see Figures 46.5 and 46.6).

Step 1: Select image(s) to include

You can elect to use a photo that is currently open in the Editor workspace or multi-select images from inside the Organizer workspace. Then select the File > E-mail to start the feature and display the new dialog.

Step 2: Add or remove photos

Add or delete photos from the thumbnail list of those to include with the buttons at the bottom left of the dialog.

Step 3: Choose recipients and format

Choose an existing recipient from the contacts list or add a new contact to the list. Pick the format that the pictures will appear in from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Adjust settings for PDF format

For PDF Slide Show and Individual Attachment options select the size that the pictures will be converted to as part of the attachment process.

Step 5: Pick stationery for Photo Mail format

For the Photo Mail (HTML) option click next and then select the stationery to use as a background for the e-mail. Customize the layout of the e-mail and click Next.

Step 6: Add message and send

Add in your message and click OK. When your e-mail program displays the new message click Send to e-mail the message.

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