Changing focal length

As well as providing a way for the light (and image) to be focused onto the sensor or film, the lens on the front of your camera also has a creative side. The creative controls your camera lens offers include:

• focus control (allowing a sharp image of things at your main subject distance, and so giving them emphasis); and

• aperture control (allowing changes in depth of field as well as helping to control the amount of exposure).

Figure 15.1 The focal length of the lens you use (or the zoom setting you pick) determines how much of the scene will fill your camera's viewfinder. Long or telephoto lenses magnify distant parts of the view, whereas wide-angle lenses are used to encompass as much of the vista as possible.

But your camera offers a third possibility, which is to alter its lens focal length. When you change focal length you alter the image size. This makes a difference to how much of your subject the camera now 'gets into the frame'.

Two practical advantages stem from changing the focal length of the lens that you use:

1 You can fill up the frame without having to move closer or further away from your subject.

2 The perspective, or look, of your picture can be altered by changing your subject distance and altering focal length.

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