Black and white films

Black and white films make a refreshing change. Pictures are simplified into monochrome without the realism (and sometimes distraction) of color. However, few labs offer a black

Figure 10.2 High ISO films (or sensor settings) allow the photographer to capture pictures under low light, but contain large and sometimes distracting grain (or noise in the case of digital).
Figure 10.3 Slow films or those with a low ISO number (or sensor setting) record the finest detail and the smoothest gradation of tone and color.

and white processing service. One solution is to use the type of monochrome negative film - Kodak TMAX-TCN or Ilford XP2, for example - which labs can process in their regular color chemicals and produce black and white results. Black and white is also your best choice to start your own processing and printing (see page 210).

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