Backup hardware options

CD-ROM or DVD writer -

This option is very economical when coupled with writing software that is capable of writing large numbers of files over multiple discs. The sets of archive discs can easily be stored off site, ensuring you against theft and fire problems, but the backup and restore process of this approach can be long and tedious (see Figure 45.5).

Figure 45.5 DVD writers are available in both external and internal versions and provide a cheap and generally reliable method of backing up your important images. Once your photo collection grows beyond 4.7 Gb then it is a good idea to use spanning software to split the backup across several discs.

External hard drive -

Connect via USB or Firewire these external self-contained units are both fast and efficient and can also be stored offsite, providing good all-round protection. Some, like the Maxtor One Touch models, are shipped with their own backup software. Keep in mind that these devices are still mechanical drives and that care should be taken when transporting them (see Figure 45.6).

Figure 45.6 External hard drives are now far more affordable than ever before. They provide a fast, reliable and portable backup solution for photographers with many gigabytes of image files to protect.

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