Appendix G ISO settings and their uses

Table G.1 summarizes the benefits and disadvantages of different ISO settings. Use it as a guide when selecting which value to use for your own work.

Table G.1 Benefits and disadvantages of different ISO settings

ISO and ISO equivalent setting





• Good color saturation

• Good tonal gradation

• Good noise/sensitivity balance •

• Can be used with a good range of apertures and shutter speeds

Very sensitive Can be used with fast shutter speeds, large aperture numbers or long lenses Good depth of field


• Not very sensitive

• Needs to be used with fast lens or tripod

• May not be fast enough for • some low light or action scenarios

Obvious noise throughout the picture

Poor picture quality

• Still life with tripod

• Outdoors on bright day

• General hand-held shooting •


Low light situations with no flash


0 0

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