Appendix C Digital camera sensor sizes and resolution megapixels

Some cameras have chip resolution approaching 12.0 megapixels and, as you now know, the more pixels you have, the bigger you will be able to print the pictures. This said, cameras with less pixels are still capable of producing photographic prints of smaller sizes. Use Table C.1 to help give you an idea about what print sizes are possible with each resolution level (also see Figure C.1).

Table C.1 Print sizes and resolution levels

Chip pixel dimensions (pixels)

Chip resolution (1 million = 1 megapixel)

Maximum print size at 200 dpi (inches) (e.g. photo print)

Maximum image size at 72 dpi (inches) (e.g. web use)

640 x 480

0.30 million

3.2 x 2.4

8.8 x 6.6

1440 x960

1.38 million



1600 x 1200

1.90 million


22 x 16

2048 x 1536

3.21 million

10.2 x 7.58


2304 x 1536

3.40 million


32 x 21.3

2560 x 1920

4.92 million


35.5 x 26.6

Figure C.1 The pixel dimensions of a camera sensor largely determine the final print size of the photographs produced.
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