Appendix A Computer connection types

Lurking at the back of most computers or hidden beneath a front flap are a series of connections used to attach external devices to your machine:

• USB is the standard used for attaching most cameras, scanners and printers.

• Firewire is a faster scanner and camera connection than USB.

• Screen/video port connects the computer to the screen.

• Mouse port is color coded to match the mouse plug.

• Keyboard connects to the computer using a similar color-coded plug to the mouse.

• SCSI ports are sometimes used to connect scanners and external hard drives.

• Printer or parallel port connections are not used as much as they used to be. Most printers are now connected via USB.

• Serial used to be the connection port for mice and some digital cameras, but now is largely unused.

• Network connections are used to link several computers so that they can share files.

• Modem ports connect into the telephone socket, allowing you to dial up Internet access from your

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