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Once you have a body of work containing some strong images, you can think about asking regular people to model for you.

Photographing People You Know. How you approach someone you know about modeling nude for you will very much depend on your relationship with that person. If it's your wife or girlfriend, then it will probably be easy. A casual acquaintance could be a more difficult conversation. Perhaps you could start out by talking about your interest in photography and offer to show them your images. If they say something like, "These are nice, but I could never do that," then you know not to ask. On the other hand, if they say, "These photos are awesome—I'd love to do something like that!" then you know you've found your next model. Often, a friend is willing to model in exchange for prints. Try to be generous in what you offer. After all, she is your friend. These shoots are usually fun and relaxed and will often yield good results.

Finding New Models. Finding a new model, someone who has never modeled before, is always great. It's certainly one way to produce images that no one else has ever done before. Try talking to people that you meet at art galleries, coffee shops, and other places where creative people usually hang out. Bring up your passion for photography and see if they seem interested. If they are, ask if they'd like to see some of your work. Always be sure to have some business cards with you. They don't need to be anything fancy, just a way to leave contact information with them. I print my cards on my photo printer, using business-card stock. Other options for finding new models include placing an ad of your own or organizing a casting call.

Some of my best shoots have been with these "civilian" models. They are usually very enthusiastic and are excited to be photographed. Since they have an interest in creating art, they can often contribute their own ideas for images and come up with unique poses. Art-class models are also great to work with for the same reason. Although new models can sometimes be a little nervous to start, they usually warm up to modeling pretty quickly and enjoy the experience.

Getting Referrals. A great source for finding new models is talking to mod-

Ta|king to creative peop|e at ga||eries and els you already know. Ask your current models if they know anyone else who coffee shops can sometimes yield a good mode|. might be interested in working with you. Just be careful not to give the im-

Photographing Nudes

pression that you are looking to replace them. Tell them you are you looking to expand your circle of models and plan to continue working with them, as well. Most models are usually happy to recommend friends and other models they know. This is also a good opportunity to potentially arrange a two-model shoot.

Creating a Web Site. Once you have a body of work, you can create a web site to showcase your photography. Then, do everything you can to help people find it. Submit your site to search engines and link to other photography web sites. Having a web site gives you a degree of legitimacy and is a good way to show potential models a sample of your work. The site doesn't have to be anything elaborate. Just some simple thumbnails with links to your best images are sufficient. Many people have found me via my web site and have told me that's what convinced them to work with me. If you hand out business cards, be sure to include your web site, as well as your phone number and e-mail address. Some models are leery of photographers without an online presence, so even a free site linked to your e-mail is better than nothing at all. However, a custom-built site gives a better impression and is usually relatively inexpensive. My web site is, and it costs about $25 a month.

100 Photography Tips

100 Photography Tips

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