Potential models are all around and my models come from many different sources

Initial Communications. Before you contact a potential model, try to determine what drew you to her. Also think about the kinds of images you'd like to shoot with her. It's very helpful to at least have a general concept in mind before talking to her so that you can tell her about your ideas and answer any questions she may have. After sharing your ideas, try to read her response. Does she understand your concept for the shoot? Does she share your enthusiasm for the photographs you plan to create? If not, you may have a disappointing session.

During your initial communications, if a model seems unsure about working with you, you could offer to meet her in a public place, like a coffee shop. Tell her to feel free to bring a friend along if she'd like. That will give her a chance to get to know you and to decide if she would be comfortable modeling for you. It will also give you a good chance to get to know her. Show her some of your work and discuss some ideas you have for images of her.

Evaluating Potential Models. If someone contacts you and wants to model for you, you will need to decide if you really want to work with them or not. Although it is always flattering when someone admires your work and wants to shoot with you, it may not always be a good fit. Try to ask some questions to get a feel for her personality. Also, ask to see a few images of her, preferably nude. That could save an unpleasant surprise at the shoot.

If that's not possible, you'll just have to use your best judgment and decide whether to take a chance on her. There have been a couple of cases where I would not have chosen to work with a particular model if had I known what she looked like with no clothes on, but I made the best of the situation. For the most part, if someone contacts you and wants to model nude for you, they usually wind up being a good model or at least someone you can work with to get a few good images.

Make the Most of a Great Model. If you are fortunate enough to find a great model, try to work with her as often as you can—you never know when she'll decide to stop modeling or leave the area. I worked with a wonderful model every Sunday for several months and then she moved away. I have not worked with her since. When you photograph a model on a regular basis, don't be afraid to experiment. Inspire each other to create great photographs; let her become your muse.

If you want a fresh perspective or a different look for your images, seek out new models, but don't forget your old friends who helped you to create your favorite images. There is always more that you can do together. It's always wonderful when you get an e-mail containing the phrase, "Remember me? We did a great shoot a couple of years ago and I'd love to work with you again!" Don't be afraid to send out some of those e-mails yourself to models you've worked with in the past. If nothing else, it's a good way to catch up.

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