It can be a useful learning experience to try to imitate some of these shots

and are usually implied nudes (at least in the United States they are). This style of image is popular for soap and skin lotion ads, plus beer advertising. The models are usually extremely beautiful and engaging. After all, the purpose is to get you to look at the ad.

Lighting. This is a highly competitive professional field and would be extremely difficult for a beginner to break into. However, it can be a useful learning experience to try to imitate some of these shots. Look through your favorite magazines, clip out your favorite ads, and try to figure out how they were done. You can sometimes get a clue about the lighting setup by looking into the model's eyes. Many times, the lights are reflected in her eyes (and sometimes the photographer is, too). One glamour photographer told me that most of his images are self-portraits. He uses a six-foot octabank softbox and has to stand in front of it to take his photographs. If you look into his model's eyes, you can see his silhouette in front of the large, bright octagon.

Images for Model Portfolios. Since aspiring models often see these types of images, they are usually very willing to do these types of shots for their portfolios. This would be a lucrative market for them, though it is very competitive from their perspective, as well. If you plan to do a commercial-style shoot, clip out the ads you want to imitate and ask the model to bring some of her favorites, too. It would also be very helpful to have a makeup artist to prepare the model for the shoot. Just try to keep the model's expectations (and your own) realistic when approaching this field.

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