How do you promote your studio

Because of my previous business experience, I knew that word-of-mouth is by far the most important form of marketing, and that has held very true in my photography

business. Friends and family did all the initial promoting! My very first job came about because a woman introduced me as a photographer at a yard sale. She had seen a scrapbook of my family and told a friend who asked to schedule a session. From there, everything took off by word-of-mouth, which is still my primary advertising. In fact, I have an unlisted phone number!

I did not want to stop photographing during the cold weather during my first winter in business, so I e-mailed a mothers' group I had joined and waived my session fee in exchange for families allowing me to build my portfo

lio with their kids. The response was amazing, and numerous indoor sessions that winter established my particular photographic style in the community and helped maintain income through the normally slow period.

Currently, my web site and the International Guild of Children's Photographers (IGOCP) and International Registry of Children's Photographers (IROCP) web sites are also effective advertising.

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