Vogue Dennis Goebelt

You never hear anyone say, "They don't take glamour photos like they used to!" because certain kinds of pictures not only never went out of style, they're gaining new fans as the latest generations of photographers rediscover Hollywood glamour, as captured by Dennis Goebelt's great image titled "Vogue." The young woman in this picture reminds me of the famous publicity photograph of Jane Russell ensconced in a haystack for the 1943 movie The Outlaw. There's more hay and less clothing in this rendition, but the glamour is still there in full force.

There's a lot to be said in favor of old-time glamour photography. It has the simple innocence of an earlier age, and captures the power of nostalgia on several different levels. Those who lived through an era recall it happily, those who wish they'd been alive then can experience the attitudes and values of an earlier time, and anyone who is finding an old-time epoch for the first time can discover what made something popular in the first place. Old-fashioned glamour is a suitable objective for anyone looking to add some variety to their photography Bucket List.

Goebelt says that "Vogue" was produced during a "Fall Season" shoot at his studio. "My subject was one of my favorite models: Ms. Saliese Anne Funk," Goebelt says. "Her natural talent requires only minimal direction. She instinctively knows what to do for the lens. Shooting with a great model makes the photographer's job a lot easier!"

He used a basic two-light setup with one umbrella and a large softbox providing the illumination. The final image didn't require a lot of editing in Photoshop. Goebelt did some selective blurring and sharpening, and a bit of discreet "rearrangement" of the straw in some areas, but not much else.

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