Very Serious Stop Sign Joe Polevoi

Our next Polevoi-age takes us on a journey to the ridiculous, to a realm where road signs can be confusing, contradictory, or even preposterous. In other words, Cleveland, Ohio. I could tell you that this image was snapped with a Canon EOS 40D camera and Canon 17-85mm zoom lens, at f/16 and 1/250th second at ISO 400, but that wouldn't mean much. Although "Very Serious Stop Sign" looks like a straight shot, it was actually born in the mind of Joe Polevoi, who took relatively harmless signage at a construction site, and used an image editor to turn it into something more.

"With camera on my car seat, I stopped at an intersection at a construction site, stared at the stop sign, and suddenly visualized a much more potent message!" Polevoi says. "I took a snapshot of the sign, returned home and the fun began." By adding to the original restrictions of the stop sign using careful compositing techniques, the photographer created that type of impossible, no-reasonable-options situation that all of us encounter from time to time.

"This example of visual nonsense has stirred more comment than anything I've done previously," he says. "Stretch your imagination sometimes while glancing at very ordinary items in our lives. Something just might be waiting patiently to be discovered!"

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