Canon Eos Digital Rebel 300d

4 Mark Cresswell Hertfordshire Nikon D90,18-105mm, l/640secatf/ll Tyre tracks covered by snow Judges say This is a very subtle image with great depth created by the tracks


5 Neil Wright Worcestershire

Canon EOS 40D, 24-105mm, l/100sec atf/6.3, ISO 100 Kidderminster Station on the Severn Valley Railway Judges say A very moody image that draws you straight in

6 Chris Pattison County Durham 37pts Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro, 10-20mm, 1.3secsatf/5 September morning at Hartlepool Judges say Brilliant colour and a perfect exposure. We like how the ribbed douds complement the lines in the tide

7 Derek Hansen Kent

Canon EOS 450D, 10-20mm, 1/25secatf/l1,IS0400 Rye, East Sussex Judges say Derek managed to achieve great sharpness and detail despite shooting this handheld

8 Kathy Wright Norfolk

Canon EOS 20D, 17-40mm, l/125secatf/l6, ISO 200 Straw bales lined up in a Norfolk field Judges say A perfect example of leading lines at work. We also like the dramatic sky

9 Chris Nagle Greater Manchester 36pts Canon EOS 350D, 28 -135mm, 1/320sec atf/10, ISO 200 100m track sprinters at the Paralympic World Cup, Manchester Judges say A very well-spotted scene. The headless competitors draw the eye straight into the lanes

Paul Whiting Hampshire

Canon EOS-1 Ds Mark III, 70-200mm, l/13sec at f/22 'Fence, path and grass, towards a doud' Judges say Excellent composition and exposure with lots of texture

11 Stuart Lamont Glasgow

Nikon D3,17-35mm, 1/15sec at f/22 Amble Lighthouse in Northumberland Judges say Stuart has framed this perfectly and made the right choice converting it to black & white

12 Arpna Mehta Surrey

Pentax Optio S5i, l/640sec atf/4.3, ISO 80 Windswept beach Judges say We can almost feel the wind whipping against our backs as we look at this moody shot Our eyes follow the streaks straight to the brave walkers

13 Alastair Ross Sheffield

Canon EOS 40D, 10-20mm, 32secs atf/23, ISO 100 Underneath Saltburn Pier, North Yorkshire Judges say A fantastic long exposure that pulls the eye out to sea

14 Darren Stammers Essex

NikonD40,10-20mm, l/250secatf/8 Ryanair's new hangar at Stansted Airport Judges say We like how the lines in this mysterious-looking metal building draw you straight up to an ominous sky

15 Gary Telford Lancashire

Sony Alpha 100,50mm, l/160secatf/13,ISO 100 Elderly couple walking along Blackpool north pier Judges say Gary found a fantastic perspective and used the lines separating the planks in the pier to great effect

16 Mark Crocker Bristol

Canon EOS 5D, 24-105mm, l/40sec atf/16 Summer sunset over Clevedon Pier in north Somerset Judges say Mark's HDR image combined three exposures, with two at ±2EV. Often these types of images can be too over the top, but Mark's is subtle and sucks the eye in

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Round 1 results

17 Pengfai Tian Cambridgeshire 35pts Canon EOS 20D, 17-85mm, l/15secatf/16 Clifton Suspension Bridge in the fog, Bristol Judges say An exceptional use of lines. We like the motion blur with the couple walking along the right

18 Peter Phillips Bristol

Canon EOS 1D Mark II, 28-135mm, 1/250sec at f/4.5, ISO 400 Empty room Judges say This is a great use of available light and looks as if it could be on a movie set

19 Ron Boon Surrey 35|i

Nikon D1x, 50mm, 1/13secatf/1.4 5th Avenue, New York City, seen from the Empire State Building Judges say Breathtaking and captivating

20 Ken Frampton Hampshire

Canon EOS 350D, 10-20mm, 1/80secatf/16 Towards Bat Head, near Durdle Door, Dorset Judges say Great use of colour and texture. A very good exposure

21 Adrian Hall Surrey 34pts Canon EOS 50D, 10-22mm, 10secsatf/8,ISO 100 Millennium Bridge, London Judges say Initially planned as a b&w image, Adrian showed great judgement in using the rich colour to his advantage

22 Bernard Thompson Kent

Olympus OMIn, 16mm, 1/30secatf/11,KodakEktachrome200 Phone box Judges say Bernard skilfully laid his camera on its back and tripped the shutter via delayed action

23 Peter Stickler Swansea

Nikon D70,18-70mm, 1/125 atf/7.14

Llanelli railway line Judges say Peter's post-capture work on the sky has paid off with a mysterious, captivating scene

24 Russell Phillips West Sussex

Nikon D50,18-55mm, 1/500secaU<5 'My daughter at West Beach, Littlehampton. She was eight at the time and had the hump!' Judges say A great use of b&w. Kudos for turning a row into a fantastic image!

25 Noel Toone Northamptonshire 33pts Nikon D300,150mm, 1/1000satf/3.2, ISO 800 Offensive line of Sheffield Sabres, American football team of Sheffield University Judges say A very clever use of lines... but what's with all those helmets and pads!

26 Roger Tapp Gloucestershire Canon EOS 5D, 17-40mm, 1/100secatf/9,is0 100 Fishing boat at low tide on Barmouth Beach in North Wales Judges say Great perspective. The rope leads us straight into the larger boat and rich background detail

27 Graham Ford North Yorkshire 33pt Fujifilm FinePix S9500,28-300mm, f/4.5, ISO 400 A surfer paddles out between waves Judges say The lines in the swells pull the eye out into the horizon. Well done

28 Chris Carter Norfolk

Nikon D90,16-85mm, 1/15sec at f/3.5

Exhibition rooms, A Foundation, Liverpool Judges say

Great lighting and use of angles

29 Greg Artis London 32p

Olympus E-510,14-54mm, HDR from 3 exposures at f/16 Road from Watendlath to Derwent Water, Lake District National Park Judges say A nice subtle HDR image, complemented by the cool blue duotone

30 Robin Harrison London

Leica M8,5mm, 1/3000secatf/8

'Hurtling through the deserts of Mongolia' Judges say

Stunning light, and another very clever use of lines

38 I | 28 March 2009

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