Web Photo Sharing

As we discuss in Chapter 19, online photo sites like Shutterfly.com, dotPhoto.com, Ofoto.com, and so on provide great venues for photo sharing with friends and family And, yes,


you can send photos directly from your camphone to your online photo albums, in one of two ways:

■ Through your phone's Internet browser, emulating the computer experience we discuss in Chapter 19

At the time of this writing, not all photo-sharing Web sites support email uploads, and of those that do support it, each do it slightly differently. For example, Smugmug.com wants you to put your password in the Subject line, while dotPhoto.com wants the name of the album where the photo should be saved. But the general process remains the same:

1. Set up your account at the Web site.

2. Be sure your phone's email address is registered with your account.

3. If the site requires a password, create one that is easy to input in a phone keyboard (in other words, using the first letter of each key so it doesn't require pressing any key more than once).

4. Display the photo you want uploaded, and follow the general guidelines for emailing discussed earlier in the chapter. Of course, you'll want to include the information that your site requires in the memo or subject field.

5. Some Web sites allow you to reorganize photos among your various albums, while others won't. We highly recommend sticking with the former if you're going to upload from your camera phone. Then, once you get to a computer, you'll have a large screen for better viewing and organizing your photos.

We expect it to become more common for wireless service providers to include online albuming as part of their camphone service plans.

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