Tip Study the Old Masters

Want to better understand the secrets behind great photography? Study the greats. We're not just talking about famous photographers, but great artists working in all kinds of media. Go into a bookstore or library and leaf through art books. Better yet, spend some time at a museum, viewing and analyzing just a handful of pictures. Ask yourself what it is about a certain Picasso that makes it one of your favorites. Why are you intrigued by the strange angles of a Chagall? What is it about the light and shadows of a Rembrandt portrait that so clearly captures personality or the poetry of a moment? Then go out with your camera and try using some of their composition techniques in your own photography.

Digital Cameras For Beginners

Digital Cameras For Beginners

Although we usually tend to think of the digital camera as the best thing since sliced bread, there are both pros and cons with its use. Nothing is available on the market that does not have both a good and a bad side, but the key is to weigh the good against the bad in order to come up with the best of both worlds.

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