The Pros and Cons of Emailing Photos

In many ways, emailing photos is the easiest sharing method. All you have to do is find the attach command in your emailing program, navigate to where you saved the photo, and click OK. Then, address and write your memo and click Send. In fact, many consumer and prosumer photo-editing programs have a Send command, which automatically attaches a photo to an email memo. However, emailing pictures has its difficulties:

■ You must be sure that the photos are the correct size and format for emailing (see Chapter 15).

■ It's easy enough to attach one or a few photos to emails, but when you want to share a lot of photos, it can be a cumbersome process.

■ Writing out the address of each recipient can be time-consuming and produce errors. The alternative is to learn how to use an existing address book to create a list of recipients.

■ Are you sure your friends and family really want to see your latest photos?

Many networks block email attachments for fear of computer viruses.

And what if you and your friends want prints? The emailed photos won't be large enough for high-quality prints (or they shouldn't be).

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