These are some of the key points made in this chapter:

■ Before you can choose a digital camera for business, you need to decide how it will be used and how much training you are willing to provide to your employees and associates, as well as who in your company will be using it.

■ A good picture can provide information, verify facts, and support positions.

■ A business photo must convey and support the meaning you need and intend, without adding any unwelcome subtext.

■ Placing photos in presentations, brochures, newsletters, and other documents is quite simple and similar in most programs.

■ When you give presentations, you can leave your laptop at home. You can connect your digital camera to a TV to show your presentation. Or, use one of the new projectors that takes memory cards.

■ The black-and-white text mode of a number of digital cameras can be used as a portable photocopier.

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