This chapter covered many issues concerning photography for email and the Web. Some of the key points included the following:

■ Photos that will be used, viewed or sent via the Internet should be much smaller than those you'll print out.

■ The new email etiquette requires that any photo attachments you send via email be less than 500K (for typical delivery), though if someone is expecting your picture and has broadband, you might stretch that to 1MB.

■ Some cameras (such as the Kodak EasyShare and HP Photosmart cameras) can set up the automatic emailing of photos when you shoot them.

■ You can resize photos in software to make them appropriate for emailing and the Web, but archive the original larger photo.

■ Putting your pictures on a photo-sharing Web site is a viable alternative to emailing your photos, especially if you want to share pictures that are large enough to print out well.

■ Basic rules of Web composition include simplicity, clarity, contrast, tight framing, isolation, and attractiveness.

■ You can create QuickTime or GIF animations from your digital still photos, which you can post on the Web.

Chapter 16

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