These are some key points made in this chapter:

■ Learn your digital camera. Experiment with it until using it becomes second nature to you. That way, the technology will become transparent to the photographic experience.

■ In real-world photography, even if you plan carefully, life will conspire to challenge and surprise you. But you can arm yourself with techniques and knowledge to help you get the photos you want and need.

Digital photography is dependent on memory cards and batteries. So, you need to learn to conserve and extend both battery power and memory, if you want to keep shooting.

If you want your photo to appear well focused, you'll need to learn various techniques for keeping your camera steady.

Getting a picture is all about getting the right amount of light onto your image sensor. But if you can't get the exactly correct exposure, digital photography has techniques for helping you get the picture anyway.

Keeping your digital camera safe and clean is vital for good photos and your camera's continued proper functioning.

Your camera is like a miniature computer, with the circuitry and intelligence to help you manage your files of photos.

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