Specialty Papers Give Your Photo Projects That Professional Look Continued

matching envelopes and card stock. Other papers are simply white or off-white but of higher quality and weight, or a different texture than the typical media you would usually use for, say, a letter. And then there are the die-cut papers and card stock, with their perforations in standard sizes, such as those for business cards or CD-labels.

Using these specialty papers will lend a professional touch to your at-home printing. Just be sure that the paper and card stock is suitable for your particular kind of printer. Otherwise, the inks may not adhere properly, and/or you could end up with less than satisfactory image quality.

By the way, you don't always have to print on paper or card stock. Some stores even have cloth that can go through a desktop printer, for making scarves or squares that can then be sewn together. (Sally fantasizes about someday making a photo patchwork quilt from these.) We can't vouch, however, for how well they will clean (if at all).

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