Renaming Your Image Files

Even in the most basic photo managers, you can at least rename the file, replacing the obscure numbers (such as DSC_0072.jpg) with something that makes sense to you. We favor highly descriptive names. If it's a professional job, then the filename should include the client's name and project ID. If it's a personal photo, then we tend to become very verbal, such as Sally_&_Cuddles_at_stream_0035.tif.

Don't go overboard with descriptors, however. Windows and OS X have limitations on the number of characters you can have in a filename, so try to be as brief as possible without creating cryptic abbreviations and shortcuts whose meaning you may forget.

Every program we've tested will do batch renaming. First, select a series of related photos (see the tip on easily selecting groups of photos at the beginning of this chapter) and choose a root name that would apply to all of them. For example, it might be Dani el 2004 LA semi nar. Then, the program automatically appends consecutive numbers at the end of the filenames.

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