Principles behind Great Photography


B—I ere's a trick question for you—What camera will give me great pictures?

M. .M. The answer is none. Truly great photos are created by talented, skilled photographers, not by their equipment.

In the past, when we shot film, our equipment consisted of Leicas, Nikons, and Hasselblads— top-notch systems indeed. We traveled around the world on assignment, taking photographs that appeared in numerous glossy magazines, often with our own articles. But from time to time, we didn't have one of our professional units with us when that one great photo opportunity occurred. That's when we'd pull out our trusty pocket-sized Rollei, or on very rare occasions, we would buy a disposable film-in-a-box camera. And, yes, we did get some great photos with both—pictures that would sometimes be published in the same spreads as photos we'd taken with our expensive professional equipment.

In this chapter, we'll explore what it is that makes a great photo and share some tips from top pros for creating wonderful portraits, scenics, sports pictures, and other photos. Additional tips for specific situations are available throughout this book. For example, for guidelines on photographing kids and pets, go to Chapter 13, and for hints on photographing product shots, see Chapter 15. (Check out the Table of Contents for numerous other photo guidelines.)

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