Preparing And Uploading Your Photos

Putting your photos up on the Web may be done in several ways:

■ The simplest process is to go to the Web site and follow their instructions. After you indicate whether you want it put onto one of your existing albums or a new one (which you can name, such as "Jane's birthday party" or "our Hawaiian vacation"), they'll take it from there.

■ Some sites offer basic photo editing, such as rotation, red-eye reduction, cropping, some exposure correction, and so forth. In fact, the extent and ease of photo editing, captioning, and other options (including choice of background, design of page, and so on) are one of the important dividing factors among the sites.

■ If you decide to use the site's editing software, another option is whether you use the program while connected to the site or download it to your own computer and work offline (which is preferable if you don't have a fast Web connection). If you use downloaded software, it will usually automatically connect to upload your photos. Again, you'll usually have a choice of which of your albums you want the photos to go.

■ All consumer and many prosumer photo-editing programs have a command for putting your photos up on the Web. That means you can edit your photos using the software you know and then use it to upload your pictures. While most programs will ship with connections to specific sites already enabled, if you prefer another site, you can probably change the program's preferences to link to it.

However you decide to upload your pictures, most sites work hard at making it easy for you. The greatest difficulty you may encounter is if you have a slow Internet connection, which could mean it might take a long time to upload your pictures. If you have any other problems (related to functioning well with the service), then you may be using the wrong site for your personality and skill level.

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