Placing Photos in Your Documents

Whether you are using your pictures in a PowerPoint presentation, a newsletter, or any other document, getting it in position is generally quite similar, though the nomenclature may vary depending on the software.

■ Use a Place or Insert Picture command, which is usually found in the File, Insert, or Image pull-down menu at the top of your screen.

■ Navigate or browse to the photo you want to place and select it.

Now that the picture is in your document, you can click and drag to move it to the exact position you want it. On a Windows system, a right mouse click on the photo will probably open up a menu of a variety of options. (On Macs, you might use one of the modifying keys, such as Command in conjunction with your mouse button to open similar menus.) For example, in many programs, you can choose how the text in the document will wrap around the photo. (See Figure 14-3.) Or, you might be able to align it in relationship to the margins, attach it to a paragraph (so as you edit and the paragraph moves, the photo does, too), put it behind or in front of another picture, interactively resize it by dragging on a corner, and so on.

Figure 14-3: In many programs, you can select how text will wrap around your photo. This Text Wrap dialog from Corel WordPerfect shows some of the most common options. More advanced desktop publishing programs, such as Adobe InDesign, may also allow you to choose the distance between the wrapped text and the picture (which may be called the envelope or picture container). (© 1996-2004 Corel Corporation.)

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