Photo Messaging

MMS is the acronym you'll see bandied about, and it stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. But it's also called photo messaging, which calls to mind the very similar and more familiar text messaging. Have a photo you just shot that you want to send to your friend's camphone? Display the picture on your viewscreen, click on Send, choose MMS as the method of sending, then dial her phone number (or pull it up from your address book), and let the system do the rest. Within seconds or minutes, your picture will appear on her camphone's viewscreen.

At the time of this writing, there is an unfortunate bugaboo in all this that should start to disappear soon. The various wireless services can't yet send photo messages outside their own network. Therefore, if you have, say, AT&T Wireless and your friend is signed up with Verizon, the two of you can't presently share photos via MMS.

Intercarrier MMS will begin to be enabled by autumn 2004.

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