Phase Change

Phase change (or solid ink) heats resin blocks of color ink to liquid, which then resolidifies when applied to the paper. Though not continuous tone nor archival in nature (the colors eventually fade), when working on a properly color managed system (see the section later in this chapter on color management), the colors are quite close to what comes off a printing press. That makes phase change a great technology for prepress proofing. If you are doing a lot of business graphics as opposed to photos, phase change will produce very appealing results, and at one of the lowest consumables costs of any color printer technology.

The other important advantage to phase change is speed: it's one of the fastest color technologies among desktop printers. Depending upon the model, phase change printers can spit out full-color prints at the rate 24 prints each and every minute. Also, its duty cycle makes it very suitable for a busy office or graphic arts studio environment.

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