Laser printers use a laser beam to sensitize or "paint" the electrically charged, photosensitive drum in such a way that it collects toner and deposits it onto paper, which is then fixed by heat. When you

output a letter, business presentation, school project, or any other printed document, the text is almost always beautiful, nearly indistinguishable from the typeset quality found in books. Any color laser printer that also outputs photos usually does so as a secondary consideration, which means photo image quality may or may not be up to the level of the other technologies listed here. However, if you want to include photos in a professional-looking printed presentation or document, or if your project requires fast or high-volume output, you need to use a photo-capable laser printer. And when you use good paper, you will end up with a photo that looks pretty good. Laser printers tend to be initially expensive when compared to inkjet, and the units are more complicated and may need more servicing. On the plus side, laser toner and paper are much cheaper per page.

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